Lefkada Island Greece. A complete guide for Lefkada Island in Greece

Welcome to www.lefkadaislandgreece.com, a Website dedicated to the Island of Lefkada. In our webpages we will try to include all the relevant information for the visitor of Lefkada as well as for anyone interested in Lefkada in general. Lefkada belongs to the Ionian Islands and its beautiful environment is comparable with the other Ionian Islands but with one significant competitive advantage, there is access to Lefkada by road from the neighbouring Etoloakarnania and the island does not have to face the difficulties of only being approached by boat.

Lefkada Island Greece. com. A complete travel guide for Lefkada Island in Greece

You can find excellent beaches and tourist trade on Lefkada, a well organized marina and renowned local products. As a tourist destination the island covers many of the requirements of a visitor. Lefkada is the chosen destination by people with yachts, by travellers who enjoy water sports, by families for quiet family holidays but also by young people looking for fun in the sun. The island has many touristic features and certainly a few hidden surprises for every visitor. Enjoy your Tour to Lefkada Island and in our webpages!

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Lefkada Island Beaches

Lefkada Island has wonderful beaches for every taste that can please even the ones hard to satisfy. Never-ending sandy beaches that will amaze you with their wild beauty as well as others, more suitable for family vacations! Lefkada Island is mainly...read more

Lefkada Island

Lefkada Island Sightseeing

Lefkada Island is full of interesting places waiting those who are willing to discover the island. The will certainly not get bored! The natural beauties of Lefkada Island are magnificent and create stunning sceneries. Some of the best sites...read more